The High-Tech Enterprise Award Enrichs GH Printing, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

The High-Tech Enterprise Award Enrichs GH Printing


The award of High Technology Enterprise, known as HNTE has some certain benchmark for recognition to the applicant including: possessing core IP ( Intellectual Property) rights; holding ability to transforming STAs ( Scientific and Technological Achievements); owning good management of R&D department; retaining prosper growth index. 

The Guangzhou R&D Certificate is a requirement for many companies holding great capacities for research and development. It holds rigorous standard for applicants includes: Growing and stable funds for R&D; essential site for  R&D ; outstanding R&D team.

GH Printing has endless possibilities because we keep moving not only in updating staff but also in technological aspect. GH Printing aims to provide our friends, customers with good quality; attractive idea; professional attitude. 

                                                                                                               9 December 2016

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