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In-Mold Labels Market

In-Mold Labels Market

In-Mold labels are made by plastic films printed with many printing techniques. The film is cut with the required shape of the label. The label is put in the mold being used for the manufacturing of the container. With the heat of the molten or expanding plastic, the back surface of the in-mold label melts and adheres on the surface of the container.  On getting cool in atmospheric temperature, the container and the label forms a strong bond and acts as a same unit. In-mold labelling results in no post-labelling processes, so we save time and labour. Offset printing is widely adopted for printing in-mold labels. The food packaging industry is the most prominent consumer of in-mold labels. 

The prime factors powering the demand for in-mold labels are a growing demand for food packaging, complete recyclability, no label look, no requirement of glue, and a saving in time and effort in post-labelling. In-mold labels can be printed with various printing technologies including high graphic flexography, digital, offset and other printing technologies. Low weight containers due to no requirement of glue for labelling and enhanced strength of the in-mold labelled container are other factors that influence consumer attraction. In-mold labels can be made up of barrier IML, which provides barrier to oxygen, light and odour. Transparent look, where contents of the in-mold labelled container are clearly visible enhances the consumer experience at the time of consumption.

With increasing purchasing power of consumers, the demand for attractive packaging is rising. In-mold labelling increases the shelf life of the label as the labels do not fall off easily. The bond between the label and the container is very tough to seperate them. Barrier in-mold labels, made up of barrier materials such as EVOH, PVOH, PVDC and others provide various barriers such as barrier to oxygen, light, odour and others. There is no extra heat and labour for the post-labelling process beacause of former use of heat. These factors are anticipated to boost growth of the In Mold Label in the world. 

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