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Shrink Sleeve Labels Market Report

Shrink Sleeve Labels Market Report

Shrink sleeve is a full-body wrap label, which spread around the entireness of the container, offering a 360° branding and messaging information of the product. Shrink sleeve labels are a new version of labels and are instantaneously gaining more and more popularity among various product companies in different industries. Shrink sleeve mostly and traditionally are printed on a digital or flexographic press, with a transcript on the inner side of the shrink sleeves. Then, later on, glided over a container and tightened using steamming, hot wind method. The label then imitates the surface of the container.

Shrink sleeve labels is one of the fastest emerging segments in the label industry. Nowadays, manufacturers across the globe are focusing on re-designing their packaging method for more accurate and aesthetically pleasing designs. Therefore, major companies are adopting shrink sleeve labels. Shrink sleeves offers more flexibility in terms of design and allows the product to stand out from the rest of the rivalry. Additionally, they deliver some of the prime standout design potentials and frequently reduce costs and improve time. These labels are printed digitally with premium printing quality, thus eliminating the need for printing plates and making them reasonable for short runs.

Global shrink sleeve labels market has been segmented based on type, material, application, and region. Based on the material, the market is segmented into PVC, PET-G, Expanded Polystyrene Films, PE, Polylactic acid films, and others. PVC dominated the market in 2016 and is projected to grow at rapid rate.The application of PVC across all the major packaging type is creating a fertile market for plastic as a material in the global shrink sleeve labels market. Based on the application, the market is segmented into food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and others. The food & beverage segment dominated the global market in 2016 and is projected to be the rapidly growing segment over the next five years owing to their convenience in storage, transporting, and flexibility to handle all kind of food & beverage products.

The shrink sleeve labels industry is expected to have a vast number of new participants owing to continuous expansions in the packaging industry

with rising consumer preferences for high hygiene features. The market is also expected to have increased number of development activities by multinationals and well-established companies. Mergers and acquisition activities are anticipated to be witnessed.

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