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Why web offset printing for package

Why web offset printing for package

GH Printing believes that changing requirements are now creating the right conditions for a wider choice of web offset for folding cartons, flexible packaging and labels.

Why web offset for packaging?

While high-quality run lengths and turn-around times continue to decrease in the pursuit of ever more dynamic, targeted and personalised packaging, profit margins have never been tighter. In this climate, web offset is a process that offers distinct advantages for an increasing range of packaging jobs.

Web offset lithography is an inherently stable process ideally suited to addressing the challenges of high-quality applications, including precise color tones, intricate reverses and screens in excess of 200 lines per inch. Sophisticated screening techniques, such as FM or stochastic screening, can further improve print quality while avoiding screen clashes, moirés and other defects.

In contrast to the flexographic process, web offset has the ability to print solids and screens for a particular color from one plate on the same unit, which boosts simplicity and cost-effectiveness. It also offers a major advantage over flexo through its much quicker platemaking process and significantly lower plate and consumables costs, which become compelling factors as run lengths are reduced.

Web presses run fast – up to 15m/s  – and automated makeready processes not only result in speedy start-ups for new or repeat jobs, but also quicker and easier adjustments during production. These advances in presetting, process integration and closed-loop control have given web offset competitive advantages on a full range of run lengths, including shorter runs on a wide variety of substrates.

With the option of integrating flexo or gravure stations into an offset line to form a hybrid production line, packaging printers can also benefit from the inherent advantages of offset with the flexibility of a wide range of coating and finishing options.

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